How to use AUREL RTX-MID-3V on NUCLEO-L152RE and Mbed

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This project explain how to use Nucleo-L152RE and AUREL RTX-MID-3V for create a intelligent radio control.
In another words, there is two transceivers that send data and an ACK if the reception is correct.

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Below the LCD version
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Link references for Aurel RTX-MID-3V
  Italian AUREL manual is here: http://www.aurelwireless.com/wp-content/uploads/manuale-uso/650201033G_mu.pdf
  English AUREL manual is here: http://www.aurelwireless.com/en/radiomodem-data-transceivers/
  We bought the module Aurel here.

  PIN1    Antenna 17cm
  PIN2    GND
  PIN4    TX connected to TX on NUCLEO L152RE
  PIN5    Tx/Rx connected to PA_10 on NUCLEO L152RE
  PIN6    ENABLE connected to PB_3 on NUCLEO L152RE
  PIN7    GND
  PIN8    Analog Out not connected
  PIN9    RX connected to RX on NUCLEO L152RE
  PIN10   VCC connected to 3,3V on NUCLEO L152RE
  NOTE: from GND and VCC put a capacitor of 0,1uF and a second capacitor of 10uF

IMPORTANT note concerning USART
This project use the USART for this reason you must do the below modifications on NUCLEO-L152RE, more info are here.
Put a jumper on SB62 and another on SB63
Remove a 0 ohm resistor from SB13 and SB14

After this modifications, you lost the possibility to use the virtual comm to connect the NUCLEO to the PC.

If you build two boards identically when you press a Blue button on the board n.1, the green LED flashing, release the Blue button and the transmission is started.
On the board n.2, if the reception is correct, the green LED is turn on (for 3 sec) and an ACK is send to board n.1.
After some second, on the board n.1, the green LED is turn on (for 3 sec) to indicate that the command sent to the board n.2 was received correctly.


Here there is the Mbed zip file of the project (standard version, without LCD).
The software is available also on Mbed web site and is here (standard version, without LCD).


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