PIR Sensor
built using the:
PIR sensor (EKMC1603111)

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By:           www.emcu.it
Date:       October 2016
Name:     PIR Sensor
Note:       This SW was tested on NUCLEO-L011K4 and compiled using the KEIL v.5.20
                Program Size: Code=4708 RO-data=252 RW-data=12 ZI-data=1028
The idea to develop this project came to me when I happened in my hands a PIR sensor EKMC1603111.
Below there is the result of my work.
Certainly this is not a complete project, it's just a project to test the performance of the PIR sensor.
In a real project you must provide a potentiometer to adjust the alarm duration and an output relay.

Electronics used for this project
PIR sensor EKMC1603111

The schematic is shown below.

Some info about the SW that I developed

My sw is free and is here
, the Ref.Cod. is: PIR-L011K4
Please ask me the password for open the: 
and specify also your: Name, City and Country.

I did everything starting from CUBE and STM32L0 library.

Files for CUBE and for KEIL are in my PIR-L011K4 package.
If you use another compiler open CUBE and regenerate the project for your compiler.
CUBE today supports: IAR, KEIL, AC6 and ATOLLIC.

As mentioned above, I used the KEIL compiler (for STM32L0xx and F0xx it's free), for start the project you must go in this directory:
and double click on the file:

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