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At the moment, this SW is only for STM and SILICA customers.
If you are an Italian customers of SILICA send email to me and request me:
Password for STM32Dali and please specify also your City, Country and your contact in SILICA.
Non Italian SILICA customers, please contact your local office of SILICA.
If you are STM customer please contact directly your local office of STM.

In STM32 DALI package there are:
  • Dali slave example for STM32F and STM32L families

The STM32 DALI Slave library was tested according to the DALI specification.
The examples was designed and tested for use with the following evaluation boards:
STM32L152-EVA BOARD and STM32L152D-EVAL (Evaluation board for STM32L1 series - with STM32L152ZD MCU)
DALI transceiver board (see UM1032 - STEVAL-ILM001V1)

Other useful documentation are here:
UM1629 - STM32L1xx DALI slave interface
UM1728 - STM32F1xx DALI slave interface
STEVAL-ILM001V1 - Plug-in hardware module for the STM8S-DISCOVERY interface for DALI communication

For more info concerning DALI protocol see here and here.

For more info and support contact your local office of SILICA ond/or STM.

For download the STM32 software click here. Please read the IMPORTANT NOTE.

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