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is a tool for evaluating the STM8S family that include emulator an area where is mounted an STM8S105C6T6, with a LED and a touch button operated by STM8S, look at the photo below.
It is also possible devide the emulator from area of STM8S105C6T6.
If you devide the board you get a real time emulator at very low price.
  • STM8S Discovery official page from STM, click here.
  • For start to developing on STM8S-Discovery click here.
  • PCB and Connectrors of STM8S-Discoveri, click here (pdf).
  • STM8S-Discovery emulator SWIM pins, click here (pdf)
  • STM8S-Discovery Application Note, click here and select Design Support
  • Tutorial that explains how to start developing on STM8S with two examples for SILICA STM8S-EvaBoard already developed plus schematics etc, click here . This example is useful also for STM8S-Discovery.

  • STM8S105C6T6 microcontroller, 32 KB Flash, 2 KB RAM, 1 KB EEPROM
  • Powered by USB cable between PC and STM8SDISCOVERY
  • Selectable power of 5 V or 3.3 V
  • Touch Sensing button, TS1
  • User LED, LD1
  • Extension header for all I/Os
  • Wrapping area for users own application
  • Embedded STLINK for STM8S
  • USB interface for programming and debugging
  • SWIM debug support
The nice thing is that the STM for STM8S family gives us the libraries in C to manage all the peripherals of STM8S.
In the package of the libraries there are also included dozens of examples concerning the use of all the STM8S peripherals.

How to use Tuch Button library on STM8S Dicovery - click here

For start to developing on STM8S-Discovery follow the steps below.


STM IDE include: ST Visual Develop (STVD) + ST Visual Programmer (STVP)

STM8S firmware library
After installation, in the directory where you install the library, you find a file named: stm8xxxxx.chm
this file is the manual of library, double clik on it to open it.

C Compiler
choose between:
COSMIC C Compiler - 16K or 32K free
RAISONANCE C Compiler - 32K free
IAR C Compiler - 8K free


Developing and debugging your STM8S-DISCOVERY application code (UM0834) is here
STM8S-DISCOVERY user manual (UM0817) is here
STM8S reference manual (RM0016) is here
STM8S105C6 manual (14771.pdf) is here

PCB and Connectrors of STM8S-Discoveri, click here (pdf).


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