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(STR9-ex1) Developping Web Server in ONE hour using STR912, click here to see explanation.
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Press here for get the example file, ATTENTION:
This is free example but it is protected by a password, please send me an e-mail and in the subject (oggetto) write STR9-ex1, and I will send you the password for open STR9-ex1.
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Questo esempio č gratuito ma č protetto da una password, per avere la password scrivetemi una e-mail e nell'oggetto scrivete STR9-ex1 e vi spedirņ la password.
Premete qui per spedirmi la e-mail.

The examples below are made to work with the STR9-Dongle and have been tested with the KEIL ver.MDK304a
Gli esempi sotto sono fatti per funzionare con la scheda STR9-Dongle e sono stati provati con il KEIL ver.MDK304a

Explanation Hends-On_1 (pdf)
Explanation Hends-On_2 (pdf)

EasyMEMS (zip)
EasyWEB_MEMS (zip)
EasyWEB (zip)

LEDSwitch is necessary for UDP example, click here to get it. (zip)