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STM32L CORTEX M3 Ultra Low Power ( recommended )
STM32W CORTEX M3 + 2.4Ghz radio
STM8S 8-bit microcontroller platform designed to offer outstanding levels of performance and cost-effectiveness in a wide range of applications.
STM8L 8-bit microcontroller Ultra Low Power ( recommended )

Power Line Communication

Power Line Modem

Analog parts
Main Page for select the ASI (Application-specific interfaces) components that are functional blocks that address electricity meters, Ethernet PHY, smartcards for set-top boxes and other specific applications is here.
STPMS1 Smart sensor dual-channel first-order sigma-delta modulator with embedded PGA (pdf)
STPM01 Programmable single energy metering IC with tamper detection
STPM10 Programmable single phase energy metering IC with Tamper Detection
STPMC1 Programmable poly-phase energy calculator IC (pdf)

Power Supply


Third-party Software

IBERDROLA has announced the development of a new open, public and non-proprietary telecom architecture to support not only smart metering, but also to progress towards the electricity networks of the future.

Below there are the evaluation boards

E-Meter single-phase evaluation board based on STM8L152 and STPM10


E-Meter 3-phase evaluation board based on STM32

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