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STM has released new intelligent power module that are listed below.
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The SLLIMM™ (small low-loss intelligent molded module) family of IPMs combines optimized silicon chips, integrated in three main inverter blocks:

    * Power stage
      – Six short-circuit rugged IGBTs
      – Six freewheeling diodes
    * Driving network
      – Three high-voltage gate drivers
      – Discrete gate resistors
      – Three bootstrap diodes
    * Protection and optional features
      – Op-amps for advanced current sensing
      – Comparators for fault protection against overcurrent and short circuit
      – NTC sensor for temperature control
      – Smart shutdown function
      – Deadtime, interlocking function and undervoltage lockout

The fully isolated SLLIMM package (SDIP) offers extremely low thermal resistance with optimum quality level and cost-effectiveness.

Key Features

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