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What is BLINK(1) ?
How to install BLINK(1) CommandLine for LINUX

What is BLINK1 ?

The BLINK(1) is a USB RGB LED notification light for PC.
Blink(1) can:
  •     pulse when someone mentions you on Twitter
  •     glow red if your computer’s CPU is slammed
  •     flash when a web page has changed
  •     show the status of your continuous integration build
  •     display multiple information sources simultaneously
  •     work in parallel with as many other blink(1)s as you have USB ports
  •     …and hundreds of other things!
BLINK(1) is an open project and it is also programmable by yourself.
The HW is based on ATtiny45.
More info are here.


How to install BLINK(1) CommandLine for LINUX

Download from here your: Source code (zip)
For this tutorial we use this release.

Unzip it and from terminal, go into the directory: /......./Blink1/blink1-1.98/commandline

Write: sudo su
and insert your password of the Super User.

For UBUNTU, write: apt-get install build-essential pkg-config libusb-1.0-0-dev
For more info concerning the dependence for other OS (Linux Fedora, FreeBSD, Win, etc) read the file: MAKE
It is presented in this directory:

Write: make OS=linux
at the end of the compilation, you must find this bin file:  blink1-tool
For run this file write: ./blink1-tool
You must see something like below.
It is the list of the command that you have.

  blink1-tool <cmd> [options]
where <cmd> is one of:
  --list                      List connected blink(1) devices
  --rgb=<red>,<green>,<blue>  Fade to RGB value
  --rgb=[#]RRGGBB             Fade to RGB value, as hex color code
  --hsb=<hue>,<sat>,<bri>     Fade to HSB value
  --blink <numtimes>          Blink on/off (use --rgb to blink a color)
  --flash <numtimes>          Flash on/off (same as blink)
  --on | --white              Turn blink(1) full-on white
  --off                       Turn blink(1) off
  --red                       Turn blink(1) red
  --green                     Turn blink(1) green
  --blue                      Turn blink(1) blue
  --cyan                      Turn blink(1) cyan (green + blue)
  --magenta                   Turn blink(1) magenta (red + blue)
  --yellow                    Turn blink(1) yellow (red + green)
  --rgbread                   Read last RGB color sent (post gamma-correction)
  --setpattline <pos>         Write pattern RGB val at pos (--rgb/hsb to set)
  --getpattline <pos>         Read pattern RGB value at pos
  --savepattern               Save color pattern to flash (mk2)
  --play <1/0,pos>            Start playing color sequence (at pos)
  --play <1/0,start,end,cnt>  Playing color sequence sub-loop (mk2)
  --playpattern <patternstr>  Play Blink1Control pattern string
  --servertickle <1/0>[,1/0]  Turn on/off servertickle (w/on/off, uses -t msec)
  --chase, --chase=<num,start,stop> Multi-LED chase effect. <num>=0 runs forever.
  --random, --random=<num>    Flash a number of random colors, num=1 if omitted
  --glimmer, --glimmer=<num>  Glimmer a color with --rgb (num times)
 Nerd functions: (not used normally)
  --eeread <addr>             Read an EEPROM byte from blink(1)
  --eewrite <addr>,<val>      Write an EEPROM byte to blink(1)
  --fwversion                 Display blink(1) firmware version
  --version                   Display blink1-tool version info
and [options] are:
  -d dNums --id all|deviceIds Use these blink(1) ids (from --list)
  -g -nogamma                 Disable autogamma correction
  -m ms,   --millis=millis    Set millisecs for color fading (default 300)
  -q, --quiet                 Mutes all stdout output (supercedes --verbose)
  -t ms,   --delay=millis     Set millisecs between events (default 500)
  -l <led>, --led=<led>       Set which LED in a mk2 to use, 0=all,1=top,2=bottom
  -l 1,3,5,7                  Can also specify list of LEDs to light
  -v, --verbose               verbose debugging msgs

  blink1-tool -m 100 --rgb=255,0,255    # fade to #FF00FF in 0.1 seconds
  blink1-tool -t 2000 --random=100      # every 2 seconds new random color
  blink1-tool --ledn 2 --random=100     # random colors on both LEDs
  blink1-tool --rgb 0xff,0x00,0x00 --blink 3  # blink red 3 times
  blink1-tool --rgb #FF9900             # make blink1 pumpkin orange
  blink1-tool --rgb FF9900 --ledn 2     # make blink1 pumpkin orange on lower LED
  blink1-tool --playpattern "10,#ff00ff,0.1,0,#00ff00,0.1,0"
  blink1-tool --chase=5,3,18            # chase 5 times, on leds 3-18

 - To blink a color with specific timing, specify 'blink' command last:
   blink1-tool -t 200 -m 100 --rgb ff00ff --blink 5
 - If using several blink(1)s, use '-d all' or '-d 0,2' to select 1st,3rd:
   blink1-tool -d all -t 50 -m 50 -rgb 00ff00 --blink 10

Try this sequence of commands:
./blink1-tool --red
./blink1-tool --off
The first command turn on BLINK 1 in red
The second command turn off BLINK1

And for finish try this command:
./blink1-tool -t 100 --random=20; ./blink1-tool --off


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