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This is a demo for Semtech LoRa SX1272MB2xAS 868MHz and NUCLEO-F401RE (STM Cortex M4).
The evaboard
SX1272MB2xAS is based on SX1272  
We tested this SW on NUCLEO-F401RE

How to use this eample:

Below there are the results of my rtx LoRa tests on field

Important NOTE:
The TX outpower used for the tests shown below was set to: +14 dBm (25mW)
The max power output of the SX1272 is +20 dBm (100mW)


LoRa setup suggested:
  • +14dBm
  • B=500KHz; SF=7  - about 22Kbps
  • B=250KHz, SF=12 - about 590bps
  • B=125KHz, SF=11 - about 300bps
SF (Spreading Factor) table (datasheet pg.25)

B (Bandwidth) table refered to SF 12 (datasheet pg.26)

Example LoRa Modem Performances (datasheet pg.23)


My LoRa software, ready to use for mBed is here.

The original sw is here, the name is: SX1272 Ping Pong Demo Application


dBm to W conversion calculator is here.

+10 dBm == 10  mW
+11 dBm == 13  mW
+14 dBm == 25  mW
+20 dBm == 100 mW


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