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CR95HF - Multi protocol contactless transceiver
The CR95HF manages the frame coding and decoding in Reader mode for standard applications such as NFC, proximity and vicinity standards.
The CR95HF embeds the Analog Front End for 13.56 MHz Air Interface.
The CR95HF supports ISO/IEC 14443 A and B, ISO/IEC 15693 (single or double subcarrier) and ISO/IEC 18092 protocols.

M24LRxx - Dual Interface EEPROMs are an innovative family of memories that provides new features and capabilities.
The EEPROM memory bank can be accessed either by a standard IC interface or by an ISO 15693 RF interface operating at 13.56 MHz.
In this way, you can remotely update electronic product parameters anytime during their lifetime, anywhere in the supply chain or at the end user.
Based on two proven industry-standard interfaces ( M24 & RFID ISO 15693 ), Dual Interface EEPROM products also feature a unique and flexible data protection scheme that protects some or all of the information contained in the memory.
In addition, the family features a 32-bit password protection mechanism.

M25LRxx & CR95HF - Discovery

ST21NFCA - Near field (NFC) communication microcontroller.
The ST21NFCA is a standalone chip designed for supporting 13.56 MHz contactless communication, including Near Field Communication (NFC) functions in three operating modes:
card emulation
The ST21NFCA is designed for an optimized integration with the standard communication links for a cell phone.