Lighting Control using
DMX512 protocol on STM32

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Besides standard illumination, a peculiar application in the lighting world is related to the control of lights in theatres, lighting stages e.g. during music concerts.
The used lamps are motorized and a protocol called DMX512 is adopted to remotely control them.
It allows setting the light intensity, light color and lamp rotation and it is based on wired communication systems (twisted pairs + RS485 as PHY).

The STEVAL-ILL030V1 makes the DMX512 communication available on STM32 microcontrollers in a simple demonstrator that can be configured as transceiver, receiver or even in stand-alone mode as it embeds also 3 power LED directly driven.

MKT presentation
is here

User Manuals:
DMX512 based LED Lighting Solution
UM0792 Demonstration FW for the DMX-512 Communication Protocol Transmitter
UM0791 Demonstration FW for the DMX-512 Communication Protocol Receiver

Data Sheet       

The SW for STM32 is here but is only for SILICA and STM customers.
If you are SILICA italian customers, send an email to me for ask me the password for open the ZIP file, request me the:
DMX_for_STM32 software.
For other country, please contact local office of SILICA or local office of STM.

For any further information on this device please submit your request to your contact person at SILICA.

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