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The documentation of: STEVAL-IHM036V1 is here.

When you receive the STEVAL-IHM036V1 is pre-progammed for running the PMSM SHIMANO motor.

This motor is included in the STM32 Motor Control Starter Kit that is here.
For more info concerning SHIMANO motor look here.

ATTENTION: ensure that the SW4 solder jumper is NOT present, see below.

Now is necessary power-on the board with:
25Vcc, 3A on J1 (the polarity is not important)
15Vcc, 500mA on J5, pay attention to the polarity
At this point you see the Led D9 and D12 ON.

Now connect the SHIMANO motor to J2 with this sequence of color: white, black and read.

The potentiometer must be set halfway.

Now press button SW1 and the motor must run.

The firmware for this test to download on the STEVAL-IHM036V1 is here.