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Date:       January 2016
Name:     USB Virtual COM (or USB CDC device)
Note:       This SW was tested on STM32F429-Discovery and compiled using the KEIL v.5.16a
                STM32F429-Discovery page is here:
                see also here:
This is a modification of the: Majerle example
How to use:   
                Connect the STM32F429-Discovery micro USB to a PC.
                On the PC run TeraTerm and configure it with this parameters:
                                BaudRate:         115200
                                Data Bit:            8
                                Parity:                NONE
                                Stop Bit:            1
                                Flow Control:    NONE
                Any character typed on PC (using TeraTerm) is received from the
                STM32F429-Discovery micro USB and it is sent back to the PC (again via micro USB)

Remember to instal on your PC the:
STM Virtual COM Port Driver that is here.

Below there are the TeraTerm SetUp

Below there is the basic configuration of KEIL and the result of the compilation.

The wiring from STM32F429-Discovery and PC

The SW is free and the Ref.Cod. is: STM32F429Disco-USBVirtualCOM
Please ask me the password for open the: STM32F429Disco-USBVirtualCOM
and specify also your City and Country.

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