Solar Applications

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Presentation: STM Semiconductors for Solar Applications is here
(pdf 2,2M)

Cool Switch Bypass, diodes at very low loss that are used on solar panel, see picture below.

Solar Energy Booster or the drive to put directly on each solar panel, see photo below.

Inverter 3KW that generates the 220Vac

Application Note & Evaluation Boards:

The right technology for solar converters
Boost for solar applications with 3 kW fixed off time (FOT)
STEVAL-ISV002V1 3 kW grid-connected PV system, based on the STM32x
demonstration board implements a 1 kW dual stage DC-AC converter, suitable for use in battery powered uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or photovoltaic (PV) stand alone systems

8-bit microcontroller platform designed to offer outstanding levels of performance and cost-effectiveness in a wide range of applications. 
Power Line Communication
Power Line Modem

Analog parts
Power Mosfet
MOS-IGBT drivers
(SiC) power Schottky rectifier
Silicon-carbide is a wide bandgap material that can be used to design ideal high-voltage diodes (up to 1200 V) with low VF and negligible switching losses, resulting in higher efficiency and lower radiated and conducted noise in electronic applications.
STPMxx devices combine accurate analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with specialized digital signal processing units (DSPs) to perform critical measurements by simply and effectively using different kinds of sensors (current transformers, Rogowsky coils, shunts, Hall sensors).

Power Supply

For more info contact your local Silica distributor.