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SUN's VirtualBox is an application that allows you to create virtual machines within which to run an operating system other than what you have installed on our PC.
VirtualBox is available for different operating systems installed, refer to page shown below.

If you install a VirtualBox on a Linux system using "Source Software" you get the free version of VirtualBox that does not support USB.
But if you download VirtualBox directly from
then we have the complete package that is always free for personal use and also contains support for USB ports.
This is due to the fact that not all VirtualBox software is free, on the Linux repository is available only the free VirtualBox that do not support USB.

Click here and follow my explanations on how to install VirtualBox on  UBUNTU 10.04 or...
following the tutorial written by max82 (only in Italian language) that you can take by clicking here (pdf)

Enlarge the size of VirtualBox disk (HD)
If at some point you realize that the size of your disk (HD) have become insufficient and want to increase them click here and follow the explanations.