How to instal VirtualBox
on UBUNTU 10.04
for have acces to USB port

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For installation Virtual Box 3.2.0 on UBUNTU 10.04 with access to USB devices, follow the simple steps below.

Download of Virtual Box 3.2.0 from here:
if you have i386 PC download:
Ubuntu 10.04 ("Lucid Lynx") i386
the package you get has the extension DEB so you can just click on it and will install automatically.

After installation go to System - Amministration and select User and Group
From the box that appears press on red circle, next on blue circle and green circle.
See the Fig.1


Now open a terminal and follow the steps below.

sudo gpasswd -a $USER vboxusers (and then enter the super user password)

sudo su
and then enter the super user password

grep vboxusers /etc/group

you will get up a response like:
vboxusers: x:123:username

if mousepad is not installed you will receive the instruction to install this editor.
From mousepad open the fstab file that is located in the system/etc and the end of file append the line below putting the number you returned the previous command.
none /proc/bus/usb usbfs devgid=123,devmode=664 0 0
Remember that at the end of the line you have to beat ENTER or INVIO.
Save your changes and exit mousepad.

sudo mount -a

Reboot your PC and start your VirtualBox.