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Big-endian e Little-endian sono due metodi differenti usati dalle MCU e MPU per immagazzinare in memoria i dati superiori al byte.
little-endian la memorizzazione che inizia dal byte meno significativo per finire col pi significativo, usata dagli ARM CORTEX.
big-endian la memorizzazione che inizia dal byte pi significativo per finire col meno significativo.

Big-endian e Little-endian are two different methods used by the MCU and MPU for storing data in memory for quantity more then a single byte
little-endian storage is starting from the least significant byte to finish with the most significant, is used by ARM CORTEX.
big-endian storage is starting from most significant byte to finish with the least significant.

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SPI example for STM32F103ZE (Cortex M3) connected to M25P64 using STM3210E-EVAL (zip)
This example is tested using KEIL compiler.
For the set-up look at the beginning of the main.c program.
For the connection from STM32F103ZE and M25P64 see the STM3210E-EVAL manual. For getting the manual click here and go to page 32 (zip).

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