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General Presentation

SPEAr is a family of eMPU (embedded Micro Processor Unit) with customizable area running standard OS (e.g. Linux):
Based on ARM processors (ARM9 & CORTEX A9)
Standard product on SPEAr 3x0
Standard product on SPEAr 600
Standard product on SPEAr 13xx based on CORTEX A9
Including a set of standard peripherals:
DDR2 I/F, UART, SPI, I2C, IRQ, USB, Ethernet, Flash I/F, ADC, ... and specific peripherals :
JPEG codec, Crypto coprocessor, Camera interface, ...
Efficient power management features:
Dynamic clock scaling (32kHz – 333 MHz)
Clock gating (switch clock from peripherals)
Performance: from 366 to 3000+ DMIPS
High end process : 90nm (SPEA 600) - 65nm (SPEAr 3x0) - 55nm (SPEAr 13xx)

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Official Link

In general for, documentation, application notes, software etc., refer to the website dedicated to SPEAr which you can access by clicking:

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SPEAR brochoures

SPEAr embedded microprocessors product presentation is here
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Companion Chips

M24LRxx Dual Interface EEPROM - EEPROM + RFID
EEPROM (I2C : M24xxx, SPI : M95xxx)
Power supply
PM6641 : triple monolithic DC/DC converter
ST1S03 : monolithic DC/DC converter 1.5MHz
L6920 / STBB1PUR : Step up converters
STw4102 : single cell Li-ion charger + supervisor
STM1068 : smart on off controller
STM6513 : smart reset supervisor
M41T81/82/93 Serial Real-Time-Clocks
TS499x : class AB / D amplifiers
STA3xx : I2S power sound td terminals
LCD / Touch screen
STM8T14x : Capacitive single Key proximity
STM8L: CT-firmw
Protection and Interface
ST8024 : smartcard I/F
ST3232 : RS232 level shifter
ST485 : RS485 level shifter
E-STE100P / E-STE101P / ST802RT1
SLVU2 8 4A1 : Ethernet primary protection
USBLC6-4SC6 : double USB host protection
STMPS2242 : double USB power controller
HSP061 : quad high speed line protection
EMIF06-MSD02N16 : SDIO protection / filter
DALC208 : Diode array protection

This is just a short example list and does NOT include all families and products !!

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Below there are the block diagrams of SPEAr 300/310/320 and 600.
The other boards are





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Firmware for SPEAs are here