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What is ARM mbed ?

The ARM mbed is IoT Device Platform provides the operating system, cloud services, tools and developer ecosystem to make the creation and deployment of commercial, standards-based IoT solutions possible at scale.

More info are here.


My mBed tutorial

I suggest to read this:
Quick start guide - mBed and Nucleo Boards

• Introduction
• What is mBed
• My first project in ten steps
   • How to download a .bin file on Nucleo board
• Create a project from scratch
   • Add a new Platform (new Nucleo Board)
• Memory
   • Variables (Global and Local)
   • Variable CONST (stored in Flash)
• Debug using the printf via Virtual Com Port (USB)
   • My examples that us e USAR Ts (Virtual Com Port and USART1)
   • Printf %c, %d, %x, %f, %e, \n, \r , etc
• USART functions
• List of the mBed functions
• etc....

Lora kit and NUCLEO board is here.

My custom thermostat for home is here.

CountDown TIMER from 1 to 199 minutes is here.

Other tutorials are here

Tutorials list:
Quick start guide - How to use NUCLEO-F401RE and Mbed
Quick start guide - How to use NUCLEO-L152RE and Mbed
NUCLEO-F334R8 and Digital_IN, CRC, DEC to BIN, USART1, USART2
How to use USART2 on NUCLEO-L152RE and Mbed
NUCLEO-L152RE and Arduino LCD
Automatic sliding gate
How to use AUREL RTX-MID-3V on NUCLEO-L152RE and Mbed
How to use USART2 and USART1 on NUCLEO-L152RE and Mbed
NUCLEO-F334R8 and 4 relay shield from Seeed Studio


mBed Tutorials

See here
• Digital input and output
• Analog input and output
• Pulse width modulation
• Modular design and programming
• Parallel data and communication
• Serial communication with I2C
• Serial communication with SPI
• Timers and interrupts
• Memory and data management


Third party tutorials


Interfacing with Python

There are many applications where you want to interface with mbed from a computer.
Python is one language which you may wish to use.
This page provides a library of code that can be used to communicate with mbed using RPC and a guide to set up Python.


mBed link

mBed home page
mBed API
STM32 - Automatic clock configuration
STM32 - RTC Configuration
• STM32 - SDK changes log
STM32L0538-DISCO - ePaper display GDE021A1 - See here the STM32L0538-DISCO
• Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design: Applying the ARM mbed is here.
• Regarding interrupts, their use and blocking
• General sw
Library, provides the C/C++ software platform and libraries to build your applications
• Mbed compiler
C & C++ links
C++ Basics