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GreenNet platform features open standards and easily installed wireless nodes to encourage smart-home adoption, opening market to app developers and service providers.

The GreenNet wireless node utilizes an industry-standard IEEE 802.15.4 radio operating in the license-free 2.4GHz frequency band, but draws less than one-quarter the power of a comparable wireless node.
GreenNet also use the sub 1GHz bands.
Pairing nodes with the dongle is also significantly easier with GreenNet.

Moreover, the node architecture allows extremely scalable performance, allowing nodes to carry out more intensive tasks if greater energy is available.
This allows larger networks to be built using one node positioned near a window, for example, to concentrate data from several nearby nodes and communicate with the centrally located GreenNet dongle. Developers also have the flexibility to provide an alternative energy source, including mains power if required, thereby enhancing flexibility and convenience for system developers and integrators.

By using STM components you have the possibility to implement the node structures show below.
System on Chip
MCU/CPU + Radio
STM32xxx + STM32W or STM32LW or sPIRIT1
STM32xxx + STM32W or STM32LW or sPIRIT1 (IEEE 802.15.4 - ZigBee-IP)

In general, around the world the GreenNet means: a way for control the City, the House, etc, for save energy.

See also VENSA Platform here.

For more info contact your local SILICA FAE.

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VESNA Platform

VESNA is a modular and fully flexible platform for the development of wireless sensor networks developed at the SensorLab @ Jozef Stefan Institute.
If you are curious, see here.

For more info contact your local Silica distributor.

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