SILICA ST Day 2013

Date and Location:

Italy - Torino - 16-April-2013
Italy - Modena - 17-April-2013
Italy - Padova - 18-April-2013
Italy - Milano - 19-April-2013
Italy - Ancona - 19-June-2013

8,45 - 9,00 (15min)  Registration
9,00 - 9,15
(15min)  Welcome speech
9,15 - 9,45
(30min)  STMicroelectronics Microcontroller - STM8 and STM32
The presentation is here (pdf 5,6MB)
9,45 - 10,45(1h)     Wireless - WiFi, BlueTooth, 802.15.4, Sub1Ghz, RFID (M24LRxx + CR95HF)
The Wireless presentation is here (pdf 4,2MB)
The RFID presentation is here
(pdf 1,7MB)
10,45 - 11,00   Break
11,00 - 11,15
(15min) MEMS
The presentation is here (pdf 1,6MB)
11,15 - 12,30(1,15h) Hands on session
WiFi + Cortex M0 = Web Server
The presentation that uses the .HEX file is here (pdf 1,4MB), the .hex file is here
The presentation that uses the .C files is here (pdf 1,5MB), the .c files are here (pdf 15MB)
At the moment .C files (F0-WiFi_Lib.v1.0.0_140413.7z) shall be issued only to SILICA/STM selected customers.
This file is protected by a password, send email to me by requesting:
Password for WebServer - F0-WiFi_Lib.v1.0.0_140413.7z
Please read also this note.
12,30 - 13,30   Lunch
13,30 - 14,45
(1,15h) DC-DC e AC-DC converter + how to use the simulator
14,45 - 15,15
(30min) New Led Driver off-line: HVLED81x and HVLED80x
15,15 - 16,00
(45min) New Controllers for stepper motors
The ANALOG presentations are below:
AC/DC is here (pdf 2,5MB)
Altair and HVled is here (pdf 2,2MB)
DC/DC is here (pdf 2,8MB)
PLM is here (pdf 1,6MB)
Stepper is here (pdf 2,5MB)
16,15           Conclusion

All customers who want to perform practical tests on the Web Server, must install on their PC:

All seminar attendees will receive and work with their own STM32F0-DISCOVERY

Some photos of the seminar are here.


This is a preview of the SILICA STM WiFi EvaBoard.
The official release of this SILICA STM WiFi EvaBoard will be in June the same for STM WiFi module.
For this reason we do not release documentations before the end of 2014.
At the moment, some manuals and sw shall be issued only to SILICA/STM selected customers.
Customers who are interested in SILICA STM WiFi EvaBoard can contact me via email.


  • See also the WiFi page that is here
  • RFID are here
  • PLM are here
  • How to use STM32 Library on STM32F0-Discovery
    • The tutorial is here (pdf 1MB)
    • The example ready to use for KEIL is here - (ref.cod. HOn1)

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